Saturday, July 30, 2011

Words from Africa

We got a letter last week from Jarren dated July 6th.  He and Elder Moss are doing very well.  Jarren indicated that the gospel is well received by many in Sierra Leone.  When life is so hard and the gospel is so sweet you can understand why so many, when they hear the word, accept it.  After viewing the video that Jarren sent about his apartment it is easy to see why he is homesick.  I do think that things are better for him.  He is adjusting and they stay so busy that their isn't much time to dwell on all the things you miss.  Elder Moss celebrated one year over there on July 1st.  This is Jarren's 3rd month.  It feels like he has been gone so much longer.  On Monday we didn't get an email.  Jarren downloaded some pictures to Breanne so I am assuming that it took all of his time to get the pictures sent and he didn't have any more time to write.  Hopefully we will get more words from Africa later.

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