Monday, July 11, 2011

Missionary Mail

The following is an email I received from Jarren today, dated July 11, 2011:
"We had four baptisms this week, however only one showed up on time and was confirmed yesterday.  Another showed up late, and the other two didn't show up at all.  This baptism was a hassle.  On Friday we began filling the font at about 11:30.  We left to preach the gospel, and came back about 6:30 but the font was only about a third full.  The water tank was empty so they began to fill the font using the well.  However, through the inginuity of this country, when they built it they did not put any kind of secondary faucet so that you could purge the line, as a result they were pumping mud into the font.  Oops!  Last minute change , "Baptisms are now at 2:00 not at 11:00 tomorrow, the next day.  Baptism is now at Wellington chapel, not Kissy."  We have another baptism planned for this Saturday.  I think it will go better.
P.S. My diet is as well as can be. 

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