Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Shangrila Of Sierra Leone Mission

I got an email from Kevin Moss's mom, Julie.  She said that the Bo district is the best area of the whole mission.  Jarren transfered to Kenema the second week of September.  He said that it is just outside of Bo and part of Bo district.  Jarren described it as flat bush country.  He said that the living accomadations are 10 times better than what he had at Kissy 2.  I am so grateful that he likes his new area and that things are so much better for him.  Kevin M told his mom that Kissy 2 was grueling because of the mountain that they have to climb everyday.  Jarren was there for 5 months and the last letter we got from him he stated that he was almost at the end of his rope with having to climb this huge mountain every day.  I know Kenema was an answer to his prayers. Kevin Moss is such a postive young man.  He told his mom that he would be in great shape when he leaves his mission in June.  He will pick up his football scholorship and play for one of the universities in Utah.  I am not sure which one. I think his goal is to play professionally when he leaves school.  Jarren's new companion is Elder Tade from Nigeria.  He also shares the apartment with another American, Elder Jenkins from Wyoming.  He and Elder Jenkins have really hit it off.  They definately plan on meeting up after the mission.  Jarren's future plans still include getting his sound engineering degree.  I hope Jarren can stay a good while in Kenema. 

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