Friday, September 9, 2011

Man Remade

I can't believe I have let so much time go by without a post.  We have received a few letters since my last post.  Jarren remarked in one of them that he cannot get over how overweight he was when he came on his mission.  He weighed 238 when he left home.  He hasn't been able to weigh himself but he is considerably smaller.  He and Elder Moss are having quite a bit of success sharing the gospel.  Jarren mentioned 22 baptisms which is good news.  The work is going forth. Daily life is a challenge sometimes with all the hiking he and Elder Moss do up the mountain.  Jarren mentioned that all of their contacts are at the top of the mountain behind Freetown.  He also washes his clothes by hand using bottled water.  Missionaries have to be very careful since the water carries typhoid.  Certain foods have been forbidden to the Americans to eat.  I know strawberries is one of them.  He so looks forward to the goodie boxes that the family sends.  I know it brightens his whole week.  Thank you one and all for all of the support you are giving Jarren.

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