Friday, June 3, 2011

A Smaller Jarren

The last email that I received from Jarren, he admitted that he can now pull his pants up to his waist without unzipping or unbuttoning them.  This is only after 6 weeks.  There will be a much smaller Jarren coming home to us in April 2013.  Things are going better for him.  His first few weeks were rough on him.  Living conditions were deplorable and the food was not what he was used to.  He said that living in Sierra Leone was like living in a land fill.  There is debris all around in piles from the civil war they had there.  Evidently nothing gets cleaned up. Jarren also said that most of the people that they are teaching live on top of the mountain.  He said that it was worse than summer football  2 a days pulling tires.  One thing that I do think made a difference for him was that he had received his first box from home and it uplifted his spirits to have some familiar food and dial soap.  I am so grateful to all the family for your willingness to contribute to Jarren's mission by sending him a care package.  Boxes are schedule all the way through April!!  I will continue to keep everyone posted on his progress and remind you when your turn comes up to send a box.  Please remember to send the box a little before the month you are assigned as it takes a month for the box to get there.

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