Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Tme in Sierra Leone

                Christmas Time in Bo District.  Notice that Jarren is in the back holding the red R. 

We got to talk with Jarren Christmas Day.  We called him around 7pm his time.  It was wonderful to hear his voice.  Things are going well for the missionaries in Bo, and in all of the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.  The work is progressing at a very fast pace there.  Jarren mentioned that on average they usually have between 6-8 baptisms each week.
 He has lost more weight.  In all around 70 pounds.  He said that he gets a lot of exercise walking everywhere.  I asked Jarren if he was eating enough and he said that he ate so much earlier in the day at a members home that he was uncomfortable the rest of the day.
 He has only 4 more months to complete his mission.  In June this mission will split in two.  There will be the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission and the Liberia Montrovia Mission.  Jarren told us that they are not sending any of the Sierra Leone missionaries to Liberia for the rest of his mission.  I am grateful  for that.  I didn't want him going to Liberia.  I don't know why I just felt uncomfortable about him going there. 

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