Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Funny Neighbor

This picture was taken outside of Jarren's apartment.  The monkey is his neighbors pet.  As you can see he is very friendly.  The monkey's name is Chico.  Jarren seems to be doing fine right at the moment.  He did have another bout of food poisoning which is his third go round with it.  I do worry about his health but I know the Lord will take care of him.  Jarren said this week that they would be moving to a much nicer apartment.  He said that he figured he is in for a transfer to a new area after this move.  Just when he gets a better place to live.  We haven't been able to "chat" with him via email in quite a while.  The internet service there is lousy and he often cannot get online to read his mail.  Jarren has 9 months left on his mission.  He doesn't seem to be counting the days but I certainly am.  The work he is doing for the Lord is so important.  He says that he is mearly laying a foundation for the gospel.  I keep telling him the foundation is the most important part. 

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