Monday, March 26, 2012

Not Ready For The Gospel

I got this email from Jarren today.  It is sad news but he has mentioned in the past that all the work he does today hopefully will make a difference in the next generation.  The people from Sierra Leone have a hard row to hoe.  It reminds me of the Laminites who for generations turned their backs to the gospel and refused to repent.  Jarren was transfered back to Freetown and serves the Thunder Hill Branch.

The only baptism we had was five weeks ago. There hasn't been anyone baptized who I have taught, yet. The woman who was baptized is very strong. She needed an interview from the president and didn't want to wait for us to take her, she found her way to the mission office all on her own and left us behind.
It's actually good that nobody has been baptized since. I haven't told you but the Thunder Hill branch is apostate. On average we have about 65 or so present in sacrament meeting. After sacrament meeting we have about 30. The youth is gone, the Aaronic Priesthood leadership is not there, they have never done home teaching or visiting teaching they don't hold PEC meeting, coordination meeting is half-half. It is a very big embarasment on us the missionaries to bring invistigators to church and the members aren't converted. Every Sunday they always buy off the street, they absolutly do not observe the sabbath day. Last week was district conference and president roggia gave a wonderful talk on temples and told them if they wanted a temple here in sierra leone they would have to start by building the temples in their homes. told them that they have to observe the sabbath day and keep it holy. told them that bying and selling on sunday is a sin.
immediatly after the meeting anybody and everybody are buying water from the street hawkers, cokes, and food, even calling them to come onto the church property. I chased out four boys selling water, elder burton chased out three. They turned the house of the lord into a marketplace.
There is a lot of work to do in the branch. I don't want to baptize people into the church when the branch is like this.

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