Friday, February 10, 2012

Hard Times Getting Better

Jarren has been sick with some kind of bug. He had been running fever and having intestinal problems over the last couple of weeks. The last email I recieved from him he stated that he was finally on the mend. Things are progressing at Kenema. The missionaries stay busy teaching and baptizing many souls. Elder Holland is coming for a visit so all missionaries will board the bus or the boat to attend the conference in Freetown where he will be speaking. Jarren commented that this would be his first visit with an apostle. He doesn't remember but when he was three we traveled back to Mission, Texas to hear President Gordon B. Hinckley speak at a Stake Conference.
The last letter we got from Jarren he stated that Elder Jenkins has been released as Branch President of the Central Branch and an African had been called to this position. Jarren always comments how Africa still lives in the stoneage, but progress is being made even though it is slow going and sometimes feels like nothing is moving forward.
Jarren has been buying all of his food precooked so he doesn't have to pick out the rocks or the bugs from his food. I have suggested to him more than once that all the missionaries need to pool a little of their money and hire someone clean that is a good cook to fix their meals. He would have a hot cooked meal at least once a day and it would also help give a little money to someone in need. I hope at some point that he takes my suggestion and hires a cook.

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