Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Sick Strikes / Blue Blue Elder

I talked with Jarren on Mother's Day.  They only gave him 3 minutes to talk.  I asked how life was at the MTC and he said that he didn't want to talk about it.  He said that he sent us a letter explaining all.  Sooo, not so good.
He asked me how Dad's hand was so I told him about all that was going on at home.  About that time he said "I've got to go they're telling me my time is up."  It was very unsatisfying for both of us!  That is it until Christmas.  Jarren did tell me that he had just received Breanne's letter that she wrote at the beginning of April, way before he went to the MTC.  She wisely knew that he would not receive anything at the MTC unless she mailed it that early.  I am so grateful for her foresight!!  The letter was full of encouragement about not giving up because the MTC is a hard experience for most young people.  It's full of "don't do's"  Jarren will leave sometime this week depending on when they transfer him to the Mission Home in Sierra Leone.  Hopefully getting into the mission field will help the blues go away.  Breanne said that serving the people is such a joyful experience that things will get better for him as soon as he actually begins the work.  We all knew that this would not be an easy experience, which will certainly help Jarren to develop strength in spirit and character.  Please continue your prayers and letters.  He needs them.

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