Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seeing Jarren off and Other News

Jarren left Killeen airport with cheer and tears.  It was hard to see him fly off and know that I wouldn't see him for two years.  Jarren called us from the Atlanta airport to let us know that he made it fine.  Today, Saturday, he called to let us know that he made it safely to the Missionary Training Center (MTC).  He said that all of the young men serving in the Sierra Leone mission are grouped together.  He said that his current companion at the MTC is a Samoan named Elder Percell.  Elder P told Jarren that it took him 4 days by boat to get to the MTC.  Jarren rode 11 hours on a plane.  Jarren sounded excited and very happy.  I must say that I feel so much better about him than I did before the call.  He will only be at the MTC for 3 weeks and it take 2 weeks to receive a letter so if you want to write to him while he is there you gotta be quick.  We sent Jarren off with lots of beef jerky.  He said that when they saw him eating it that everyone wanted to try it so he doesn't have any left.  Some of the natives that were there said that they have jerky too but it wasn't nearly as good as his.  Jarren said that he will be able to call me back for Mother's Day so I will post again then. 

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